Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day Eight

My wee smells funny and is bright yellow. Has been for days now. Pooed for the first time in days yesterday, but no stomach cramps or bloatedness or adverse symptoms of constipation.

My body must be in a very strange state anyway, because I have been taking masses of painkillers for days for my bad back, and have also gone back to drinking several cups of full strength real coffee a day, because I've been burning the candle at both ends while preparing for my exam. AND my littlest son got ill yesterday and had me up half the night last night, making me doubly sleep-deprived and doubly dosed-up on caffeine. Not ideal I know, but the good news is that today mmy back was much better and I didn't top up after the morning does of painkillers, and even then missed the codeine out. Also my exam is tomorrow and it's bank holiday weekend this weekend, so after tomorrow I can chill out, sleep more and give up caffeine again.

I'm not planning on weighing myself any time soon (see other posts for explanation). I might measure my circumferences tomorrow night. I might weigh myself next week. My trousers have been falling down all day and seem very loose around the waist, but I have a feeling they were already like that.

I have been having the occasional smidgeon of milk in my coffee. At home I have cream, but at work I have milk. And I ate a Ritz cracker tonight. Only one though! Will be good again now, I promise.

Breakfast: avocado + half a chopped fresh tomato + roule (grilled), steamed green leaves

Snack: 2 slices pork tongue

Lunch: egg salad (fresh chives, 2 hard boiled eggs, mayo, half a chopped fresh tomato) + little gem lettuce

Tea: Cod roasted in foil, with parsley and olive oil and sliced tomato and dry dill, served on a bed of green leaves* and parmesan (from a tub), drizzled with olive oil and white wine vinegar. And steamed pak choi.

Didn't fill me up though, so...

Snack: 2 slices ham, 2 slices salami, 2 celery sticks, some roule (for dipping).

*Green leaves freshly harvested from a friend's allotment. I have only a hazy idea of what leaves they are - I just have a plastic bag full of leaves!

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