Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day Five

SUNDAY 1st April 2012 (scroll down for details of what I've eaten today)

Breakfast was yummy but not entirely filling. Am trying to eat lots of fat but it's difficult - there was loads of oil + butter left swimming on my plate when I'd finished eating, but without bread I couldn't mop it up! How come only carby foods are absorbent? Couldn't think of anything to mop it up with, so left it.

Possibly this is Day Five. Depends how you count it. It's Day Five of my most extreme low-carbing, as on Wednesday I'd finally read the IPD book and as a result had cut out milk in redbush tea, cut out coffee altogether, stopped having a small daily pitta bread, and dramatically upped my water intake. Otherwise for the previous two days I was carb free. I was also low carb on the two days before that: no carbs except daily pitta and muesli every morning for breakfast. And had sweet cocktails with friends on Sat night.

Aaaaaaanyway. I don't yet have any Day Five blues or Atkins flu symptoms or feel any different from previous days. Maybe it's because I eased into this gradually. But maybe that is also why I HAVEN'T LOST ANY WEIGHT YET? Didn't weigh myself today. Am going to try really hard to wait til Wed, which will be Day Eight if you count this as Day Five. Part of me has no faith that this diet will ever work though: I've been 12 stone for four months and it feels like I am doomed to stay that way forever and ever and ever. Certainly don't feel any lighter, and it's hard to believe I ever will be when I'm so hard-wired to believe that eating fat = weight gain, and you can't lose weight unless you go hungry. The worst thing about that is that there are daily occasions when I am hungry for up to an hour simply because I can't think of anything I want to eat or I'm too busy to get roudn to eating. Maybe THAT'S why I haven't lost weight? [sigh]

Cooked some chicken thighs in foil and olive oil / lemon juice / garlic / s+p / herbs in the oven yesterday, to be stored in the fridge for general snacking. Forgot about them when in oven though, so were a bit overcooked. Look crispy and smell yummy though, so might be OK. Also hard-boiled a couple of extra eggs yesterday - also in fridge. Also still have leftover caulimash. Need to make sure all this stuff gets eaten! Did as IPD recommends yesterday: sat down and made detailed list of what I will eat this week, then sent Ally to the shops (my back's too sore) with a massive shopping list, and our fridge is now jam-packed to the gills in a way it never normally is - full of meat, dairy and veg. Might have overdone it! Can I really eat that much in a week?? Oh well, I'm sure the family will help - particularly as they'll be at home all week - the kids are on easter hols and Ally is staying at home with them. Which is presumably why he also bought a ton of biscuits, hot cross buns and snacking nuts. I steadfastly averted my eyes from the sweet stuff.

Breakfast: Fry-up: 2 rashers bacon, groundnut oil, butter, one field mushroom, half a tomato, one sausage, 2 leaves pak choi (steamed), 2 handfuls raw spinach with leftover oil + butter poured on top.

Lunch: Half an avocado with the insides scooped out and mixed up with chopped fresh tomato and roule, the put back in again and grilled - with leftover egg salad (hard boiled egg, mayo, mustard and cress) and caulimash patties and leafy green veg (steamed)

Snack: veggie caesar salad at kro bar - didn't eat the croutons

Tea: Homemade chicken pie without the crust, plus leafy green veg (steamed)

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