Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day Four - Weighing Yourself

(copied from stuff I wrote elsewhere):

"The reason it's a bad idea to weigh yourself any more than once a week (or ideally even less frequently than that), is that there can be odd daily fluctuations, and indeed odd weekly fluctuations. The bigger the gap between weighings, the more likely it is you'll catch a general trend (upwards or downwards), rather than just a localised blip.

The other reason it's a bad idea is that you have such an emotional investment in what you weigh. So if you catch one of those blips, no matter how you try to rationalise it, it will make you miserable.

And that's why I should NOT have weighed myself this morning.


Also, someone dear to me last night was quite derisive about the whole thing (the fact that IPD is bright pink was really not helpful, either): "I reserve the right to point and laugh when it doesn't work."

I need some fvcking proof that this is all worthwhile.

I could try getting out the tape measure (I measured all my circumferences on Wednesday), but what if it agrees with the scales? Also, it involves getting undressed which is really quite difficult with my back the way it is. Maybe the painkillers are stalling progress? Maybe I should just be BE MORE BLOODY PATIENT?

Oh well. I'm not giving up now. At least the nearest-and-dearest's response has made me more stubborn than ever to make this work. And I've been sugar-free for 3 weeks now, which means I no longer get cravings, and it was only ever the sugar that was likely to derail me - I have no particular fondness for the other carbs.

I also might have to splash out on the Taubes book, to counteract the pink thing.

I am spending way too much on this already though. I've justified it so far on the basis that I'm just starting out and need incentives to carry on, but soon I'll have to cut back. Or sell my body or something. But first I will have to make it worth selling... ;)

I'm currently on free prescriptions, cos of the poverty ting. Maybe I could convince the doctor to prescribe butter, walnuts, salmon and cream? :O)"

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