Wednesday, 21 March 2012


How's that for an optimistic blog title? I haven't proved anything yet. But then again, I am an idiot.

I'm a 42-yr-old mother of two, I weigh 12 stone, by BMI puts me at the high end of overweight, nudging obesity.

I gained most of the weight during pregnancy and breastfeeding, followed by complacency and the belief that as the 42-yr-old mother of a 3-yr-old and 9-yr-old, I was "past it" and nobody would ever find me attractive again so there was no point worrying about it. And I'm not single, so why should it matter? Except it does, because "fat, old, ugly and boring" is my self-hating mantra, and my knees hurt.

Aaaaanyway. I started by cutting down on sugar. No effect. So I cut down on carbs. No effect. Then cut down some more. No effect. Then I bought and read Idiot Proof Diet (India Knight, Nerys Hughes) and realised I'd have to cut carbs out altogether if I wanted to see a difference. That was five days ago, and so far I feel fine.

(I still haven't lost weight though, and I know I know I KNOW that weighing myself at this stage is pointless, but I just can't stop myself).

This post was actually written on 1st April, which was the day I started this blog, but I'm going to date this post as 21st March, just so that it becomes the first oen in the blog (because I've dated all the restrospective posts with their correct dates, so they appear in order).

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