Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day Two

THURSDAY 29th March 2012 (scroll down for details of what I ate today)

(copied from stuff I wrote elsewhere):

"One of the things that has surprised me is that I don't know my body as well as I thought I did.

Fat and salty meats have always led to instant heartburn for me - I have a genetic predisposition to gastric reflux - but I haven't had any heartburn at all since I cut down on, and then cut out altogether, carbs.

The one thing that's always been guaranteed to give me heartburn is baked beans, which are pretty carbalicious. When pregnant, bananas were particularly bad - but when pregnant, most things set me off.

I guess this improvement must be something to do with the combination of carbs and other stuff. I have heard a lot of people claim that low-carbing ended any digestion problems they previously had."


"I know I know I really do know that it's utterly pointless to be weighing myself yet, but it is just ever-so-slightly irksome and annoying that I STILL HAVEN'T LOST A SINGLE BLOODY POUND.


On a happier note, I don't believe I've ever eaten such a wide variety of properly tasty food in such a short space of time, and none of it seems to be bothering me at all at the moment. I just realised I haven't even thought about coffee today, and it's only my second day away from caffeine. And no headaches. And although I have occasionaly little flashes of 'ooh, some chocolate would be nice right now', they never last and I have resisted all temptations without having to actively avoid them.

There's no way I'm goign to be able to stop weighing myself though, not until I actually LOSE SOME EFFING WEIGHT.


Tea tonight was yet more nomminess, and prepared in ten mins flat because (sigh again) the dog was spurting from both ends and Ally was having some kind of work crisis so I had to sort kids and dog out single-handed.

*I know, I'm putting it in everything at the mo. I do also have flatleaf parsley and coriander (which I love love love to bits), but for some reason mint seems Just The Thing in all current scenarios. This has the added and not-consciously-intentional-because-it-always-catches-me-by-surprise-when-I-notice-it effect of reminding me of my childhood and my gran, cos she always put fresh mint from the garden into her cooking. And butter. NOM."


"Also also, food and cooking have always been mostly a source of annoyance for me - as irksome a task as cleaning up after spurting-from-both-ends dogs. It's often mightily pissed me off that my body insists on being fed at regular intervals. But at the moment I'm rather enjoying the whole cooking-and-feeding-myself thing. Who'd-a-thunk it?"

Breakfast: fry-up: bacon, one tomato, mushrooms, onions, sweetheart cabbage (steamed).

Lunch: blue-cheese-and-cream sauce, broccoli, fresh chopped mint, pork tongue, salmon-and-cheese nibblies.

Snacks: Slices of pork tongue and a handful of salted roasted macadamia nuts.

Tea: Eggs scrambled with butter, cream, mushrooms, onions, groundnut oil, fresh chopped mint*, steamed Sweetheart cabbage leaves, chopped fresh tomatoes.

Snack: One soft-boiled egg.

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