Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day Minus Four

(copied from wot I rote elsewhere):

"If I am staaaaaaaaaaaaarving hungry and feeling faint and dizzy, recommendations for tings to eat to make me feel a least a little better? Had muesli for breakfast, then 2 sausages for lunch, then bean salad (pinto beans, tuna, mayo, sweetcorn, chopped fresh mint) couple of hours after that (have been on the go with kids all day so didn't get a chance to be any more organised than that). They're all about to have pizza for tea - I'd rather not.

Sorry, I'll get a bit more on the case (hopefully) when the book arrives. Making it up as I go along at the mo, and having to squeeze research into small gaps that appear."


"Panic over, found some salmon in the fridge. NOM. "

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