Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day Minus One

(copied from stuff I wrote elsewhere):

"In response to someone querying the quantity of carbs I ate yesterday: These pita are apparently 15g per piece. And I only had one piece. Small, not large.

Drank water and redbush tea.

Only ate about 10 nuts, if that - just sprinkled in (I don't actually like nuts on their own so I'm never likely to eat too many of them) - the coleslaw made mostly of carrot and cabbage. I know carrot supposed to be carby, but I also know it's a very inexact science and these things vary massively according to who you ask, and is all relative.

Definitely a low carb day, even if not the-absolute-lowest-ever-possible.

The IPD book arrived today and I'm resetting a few things based on what I've read. Have been drinking milk in tea, and tons of coffee, so am going to attempt to give those up, although I know I get nasty headaches and deep fatigue when I give up caffeine, so am not entirely convinced it's a good idea to give both carbs and caffeine up at same time. No way I'm putting cream in my tea (yuck!) so will just drink it black for a bit (have done that before, so I know I can get used to it v quickly). I drink gallons of redbush tea every day already, which is approved of, so at least I'm doing something right-ish."


"What surprises me is that so far I haven't seen anyone say anything about the apparent increase in salt (bacon, deli meats, various cheeses, olives, sausages... a lot of this stuff is super-salty).

And I'm enjoying the IPD book but they don't seem to explain anywhere why they want you to give caffeine up as well as carbs - whether it's in any way related to weight loss, or whether it's just that they were trying to be as healthy as poss... and although they insist that you must take at least 6 (!!) different daily supplements, they don't really explain why, or whether there's any medical backing for the supplements they recommend, or why they're needed at all given that the low-carb thing is supposed to be so good for you? "

[I discovered later that for some people caffeing can stall weight loss - something to do with it encouraging the body ot produce insulin. As for salt, some people believe salt isn't as bad for you as previously stated, but most people on low carb diets do try and watch the amount of salt they consume]

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