Friday, 30 March 2012

Day Three - The Coconut Oil Dilemma

(copied from stuff I wrote elsewhere):

"One of those articles somebody linked to had something about the miraculous qualities of coconut oil.

Well, I'm quite confused about it. I spent ages searching the shelves for it in Asda last weekend, then finally found it... in the cosmetics aisle!

It's actually in quite a foody looking bottle - a bit like lime juice or peri peri, and has nothing on the label about applying it to the skin. According to said label it contains absolutely nothing but pure 100% coconut oil, but it is white and gloopy-looking... rather like moisturiser.

It's from another country (can't remember which), so maybe the Asda staff got confused by its foreignness and put it on the wrong shelf?

So... can I eat it? Or should I smear it on my skin?? Hilarious dilemma to have!"

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