Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day One

WEDNESDAY 28th March 2012 (scroll down for details of what I ate today)

NB: Although this is entitled "Day One", it's not actually the first post... we also have Day Minus One, Minus Two, etc (sorry - comes of being am mathematician) (although mathematically speaking there really ought to be a Day Nought as well, but that was just confusing).

Don't know if this counts as Day One or not. I've finally read the IPD book and as a result have cut out milk in redbush tea, cut out coffee altogether, stopped having a small daily pitta bread, and dramatically upped my water intake. Otherwise for the previous two days I have been carb free. I was also low carb on Sat and Sun, but was having muesli every morning for breakfast and had sweet cocktails with friends on Sat night.

Copied from stuff I wrote elsewhere on this day:

"Well, I'm still going strong - or rather stronger and stronger.

I started out four months ago cutting down on sugar. Two and a half weeks ago I decided that wasn't enough and cut it out altogether, and started reducing carbs too, to a greater and greater extent... then finally on Monday cut them all out apart from milk in tea, and a small daily pitta... then today I gave up milk in (redbush) tea, gave up caffeine altogether, dramatically increased the water intake and gave up the daily pitta. Minor derailment this evening when Ally promised me a burger and presented me with a breaded turkey burger that had 18g of carbs... but I think maybe today counts as Day One according to IPD. But I suspect the book's timings may have been interfered with by my previous low-carbing... or maybe not, who knows. Anyway I am awaiting the Day Five Crash with baited (and slightly peardrop-like) breath.

Feel fine so far, apart from the backache, but that's beginning to ease (has been pretty bad the last couple of days though, but I think it's unrelated).

It's difficult when you have a family, cos you start looking askance at everything they eat too, but let's do this person by person. Gawd knows whether this will change my eating habits permanently, I'm just taking it one day at a time for now. But in Tesco today, I was mostly oblivious to their tempting carb-fests (although did have a bit of a wobble next to a packet of dolly mixture). Not for the first time, I was boggled by the sheer proportion of the place that's given over to carby badness.

Lovely discovery / invention this evening: Double cream with blue cheese melted in to it, and added fresh-chopped mint, on broccoli. NOM. And v quick to make."

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, double cream, fried mushrooms+onions

Today's lunch (DELISH, and also zero preparation in the morning as I just grabbed a bunch of stuff from the fridge and did minimal prep in work kitchen): Steamed broccoli with leftover blue cheese sauce (double cream, blue cheese, flaked almonds, chopped fresh mint), steamed dark green "Sweetheart" cabbage leaves, a slice of pork tongue (special offer in Tesco last night), and some yummy salmon snacky things from Tesco (OK, they were a treat - only £2 but I couldn't afford to do that every day) (salmon rolled up around various bits of cream cheese).

Tea: 2 sausages, one breaded turkey burger (oops - but only 18g carbs), broccoli, one fresh tomato, homemade blue cheese sauce (blue cheese - Roquefort, double cream, chopped fresh mint).

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