Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day Fourteen

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs + broccoli
Lunch: chicken, mayo, curry powder, handful of raisins
Snack: 5 salted roasted macadamia nuts
Tea: steamed red cabbage, minced beef fried in onions and mushrooms and red pepper and one tomato, plus tinned toms, with grilled cheddar on top
2 or 3 cups of coffee with milk, 1 or 2 cups of coffee with double cream

I have to say though, I'm getting bored already. The worst parts are having to cook and generally be compos mentis first thing in the morning and make sensible food decisions (for both breakfast and lunch cos I can't afford to buy lunch in shops), and then do food preparation, instead of preparing muesli on automatic pilot. I haven't yet found a suitable breakfast for eating on autopilot every day and not having to think about it. Worst thing was having my parents to stay this weekend and people trying to TALK to me while I was cooking my breakfast. I hate people talking to me first thing in t' morning but I DOUBLY hate people talking to me while I cook. I just burn stuff. Cooking requires my 100% concentration. No distractions.

Apparently at some point I can start eating porridge. I'm looking forward to that.

Feels like I've been doing this forever, and I've only been doing it proper-like for a fortnight. Am not at all convinced I can keep up the sensibleness for the REST OF MY LIFE. I want to eat cake in cafes. [sulk]

Still, at least I've continued to be good. Apart from 4 grapes one day and 5 grapes a few days later. SHOCKING BEHAVIOUR. ;)

Think I'm just having a bit of a whinge cos of time of month. And my back hurts again. And I'm EXHAUSTED after mad swotting followed by mad-busy Easter weekend.

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